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Age play can be both sexual and nonsexual, and it can be sweet and rooted in caretaking or be dark depending on the preferences/kinks of the individuals involved. Age play can be everything from someone calling a partner “daddy” while having sex, or while being spanked in a dungeon, to something more involved and ongoing, like a negotiated.age dreaming. an umbrella term for those who’s headspace does not fit beneath the age regression umbrella. it is a diverse, individualistic experience, which is different for each person. the headspace is usually controlled by the individual and voluntary. age dreaming is a nonsexual act, not related to kink or nsfw activities.onlinecomponents has been visited by 10K+ users in the past monthAGEPLAY, DIAPER LOVERS, ABDL, and so much fun!!! Comments. Order by:The latest tweets from @AgeplayAllDayAww So Cute is your premium destination for AGE PLAY, Adult Printed Diapers, adult pacifiers and adult size cribs, Age Play and Adult Baby lifestyle is growing in popularity amongst Cos Play fans, ABDL, DL, AB, TBDL, Sissies and Age Play. Age play 247.

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